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Suidwes Beherend (RF) Eiendoms Beperk



Career opportunities

Suidwes is an agricultural company, that has played a leading role in various areas of the South African agriculture since its inception on 16 August 1909.

Suidwes’ core business is focused on the primary needs and interests of its agricultural producers. The Group offers a diversified, competitive range of products and services for agricultural producers under the auspices of its brand names Suidwes Grain, Suidwesfin, Suidwes Handel, Suidwes Meganisasie and Terratek.

Suidwes is a leader in the agricultural environment with regards to both internal and external training. As responsible employer Suidwes is driven by a strong, ethical code of conduct which serves as the foundation for employment equity, healthy labour relations, high productivity and satisfactory employee benefits.

Suidwes Grain

Suidwes Grain’s primary business is grain handling and grain marketing. Career opportunities include grain marketers, grain handlers, grain procurers, silo-managers, and Safex-broker etcetera.

Suidwes Fin

Suidwes Fin is constantly busy to investigate alternative sources and methods of financing to satisfy their customers’ changing needs. Insurance packages are individually designed according to customers’ needs. Career opportunities at Suidwes Fin include amongst others accountants, insurers, brokers and financial clerks, etcetera.

Suidwes Handel

The Suidwes Group' trade activities are operated under the umbrella of the Suidwes Handel brand. Suidwes Handel's 17 trade outlets and one animal feeds depot are conveniently situated throughout Suidwes' area of operation, which gives the customer the assurance that their farming supplies are readily available and within their reach. Typical career opportunities in this division include product managers, marketers, procurers, branch managers, etcetera.

Suidwes Meganisasie

The Suidwes Group's mechanical business, which includes the marketing of agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as the suplly of parts and the rendering of repair services with regards to mechanical goods, are operated under the umbrella of the Suidwes Meganisasie brand. Mechanics, marketers, workshop managers, parts managers, etcetera are just a few of the career opportunities in this division.


Terratek is a young, dynamic division within the Suidwes Group which supports producers and Suidwes' internal business through specialised agricultural services. Terratek strives to deliver excellent technologically-driven and integrated agricultural services, focused on increased efficiency, effectiveness and precision in all facets of farming. Livestock experts, soil scientists, agricultural economists, drill operators etcetera are career opportunities within the Terratek division.